Healing with Symbols and Water

Native Americans and Australian Aborigines have long understood the healing powers of body painting. Re-discovered by the Viennese engineer and Life-Energy researcher Erich Körbler, this has been successfully incorporated into modern Healing methods. The key factor is the application of symbols for instance: Parallel Lines, The Sine Curve, the Y, the Cross and others. These basic symbols activate healing properties when they are drawn on the physical body. We are also able to create our own homeopathic remedy with them by transferring information into water.

Layena Bassols Rheinfelder

Layena Bassols Rheinfelder developed the method PraNeoHom, Healing with Symbols and Water. She works with this healing modality since 1998 in order to support her patients and had extraordinary results. She offers workshops in Germany, Italy, Spain and Chile and she has written several books about this method. 

E-Book: Symbols to Heal Yourself and Your Home

The complition with the 5 E-books:
Part 1: Working with a Dowsing Rod
Part 2: Symbols of Erich Körbler and Vector Circle
Part 3: Transfer of Information into Water
Part 4: Geopathy and Electrosmog
Part 5: Free from Unhealthy Beliefs
124 DIN A4 pages, 76 graphics black and white, 30 graphics colour,
24,90 € incl. 7% sales tax. (1,74 €)

Books and publications

There are plenty of books about “Healing with Symbols” in German written by Layena Bassols Rheinfelder and other authors and they are selling very well. As Layena’s native language is Spanish she also wrote a book in Spanish and some of her German books have been translated into Spanish. There is an English manuscript in existence and if you are interested please contact Layena Bassols Rheinfelder or Elisabeth Bond who offers workshops in England. 

Information about the literature in German.

Information about the literature in Spanish.