Healing with Symbols

Healing with Symbols is an information medicine, which builds up on the experience of the Viennese life-energy-researcher Erich K├Ârbler (1938-1994). It connects modern quantum physics with common radiesthesia and uses the Traditional Chinese Medicine to draw symbols on acupuncture points. With the PraNeoHom method remarkable healing results can be achieved.

The vibration is changed via symbols of healing, which are painted on areas of pain and acupuncture points. Hereby the whole energy system is brought back to harmony. An important component of the New Homeopathy is the creation of healing water with the aid of appropriate information.

The testing of the points to be treated and the required symbols is made with the one hand rod. PraNeoHom is effective both on the physical and the psychological level and represents a holistic method of self healing after an appropriate training.

The PraNeoHom workshops are not only for professional therapists, but it also enables every individual to take care of their own health autonomously and to heal himself, especially in acute cases and in cases where pain is predominant. Every human and every living system, even water, absorbs information and reacts upon it. With the right information, healing can occur hereby. This results in the insight that diseases are especially about activating the self healing principle of the human body.