Healing with Simbols Modul 2

A: Allergies - Mycosis - Heavy Metals - Work with Colours

Recognise allergies and circumscribe, test and remove mycosis, amalgam and heavy metals.
Production of information on solid materials.

B: Doctrine and its positive enhancement or alteration through the Körbler® symbols

Psychomeridian - recognise and neutralise the causes in the psychic area.
The psychomeridian shows us where the catalyst of the conflict lay in the past - if people are aware of it, then the body has the requirements needed in order to heal.

Incompatible doctrines as well as conflict-afflicted relations can be circumscribed or removed or positively changed with Körbler® symbols. Problems can be traced on psychic levels and removed.

C:Work with the aura, the chacras and the psychomeridian

The participant will be tested and assessed in the practical as well as theoretical section

Qualified as a PraNeoHom® advisor