Healing with Simbols Modul 1 B


Fix meridian and acupuncture points and create a state.
Create message of water or healing water and work with energy water.


The objective of this weekend is to control the state. That is a quick trial where the meridians of Chinese medicine and particularly the points discovered by Körbler® will be used. This method is practical and is easily and risk-free to use in its main features.

With this you can get a picture in the quickest way about the person to be tested and at the same time make a comparison using geometric symbols. You can establish all influences working negatively on our energy system, which are caused e.g. by allergies, mycosis, amalgam or other heavy metals and harmonise these using geometric symbols.
"If you look at the water, the water also looks at you.
And not only that - also what you think, the landscape of your heart,
your vibrancy, the water absorbs all of it."
Masaru Emoto - Book - The Message from Water Volume I