Seminars in England

Elisabeth Bond, Energy Healer MNFSH, Tutor for Spiritual Healing, Practitioner and Tutor of PraNeoHom®, Reiki Master, Diploma in Hypnotherapy

Elisabeth offers workshops to enhance self-healing in individuals in Ipswich, East Anglia/ England following the PraNeoHom teachings (healing with symbols). 

The workshops are based on personal empowerment and self-help techniques. 

Elisabeth provides a workshop called “PraNeoHom – Healing with Symbols and Water” where she teaches how to use a dowsing rod as a measuring device, the meaning and use of symbols of Erich Körbler, the use of symbols in order to transfer information into water, and how to de-stress scars. 

She also offers the workshop “Beliefs - They affect your Life”. 

Unhelpful negative belief systems which hinder us in life are tracked down and changed into potent beneficial statements. The application of symbols (PraNeoHom) and the transfer of information into water are part of this powerful process. 

If you would like to find out more about the individual workshops please contact Elisabeth via her contact details.